Our Philosophy

We’re forever finding ourselves enamoured by the ephemeral beauty of florals. Equal parts charming and poignant, each flower holds its own story just waiting to be told.

Fleeting in their beauty and alluring in their fragrance; flowers are truly one of the Earth’s most wondrous creations. They inspire delight, evoke emotions, and are present at each of our treasured milestones as we venture through our lives.

At Je Fleur, we believe there’s no greater artist than Mother Nature herself. From organic structural shapes to colours that melt together in perfect harmony, our floral designs honour the unrivalled beauty beheld in our natural environment. Our artisans arrange fresh-cut blooms in a way that pays tribute to how they exist in the wild. Think: rambling, free-flowing and wildly romantic.

We’re passionate about sourcing unique and rare varieties of botanicals, which are often difficult to find here in Canberra. In fact, we’re so passionate about this, we’re currently in the process of creating our own flower farm.

Our founder

Owner and Head Botanical Artist, Yanru Zhao draws much of her inspiration from nature and art. After five years in London and Milan working alongside Europe’s most revered florists, Yan brings a fresh, European perspective to local floral design. With her artistic eye and flair for design, Yan’s botanical creations are true masterpieces in and of themselves.

Our name ‘Je Fleur’ is inspired by Yan’s time living abroad in Europe where she was mentored by the industry’s leading French florists. ‘Je Fleur’ translates to ‘I Flower’, reflecting the romantic French style that first inspired Yan’s floristry. You see, Yan embodies ‘fleur’ in many ways; from selecting floral seeds, planting them, nurturing them—through to creating botanical masterpieces.

Yan believes the perishable nature of flowers makes them all the more beautiful. While they may not be eternal, their impact on life’s occasions is something to be admired. From birth to marriage, motherhood, anniversaries, holidays and funerals, flowers join us to mark moments throughout our lifetimes. For Yan, it’s amazing to experience the journey from planting a seed in the soil to deliver the blooms to celebrate these incredible life events.

As a self-described ‘flower nerd’, Yan is constantly dreaming up her next floral creation. Her life-long love affair with florals is now being realised in Je Fleur … and is ready for you to enjoy too.

Our Floral Artisan

Damien Neron joins Je Fleur as our Floral Artisan, bringing his keen eye for floral design and undeniable charisma.

After studying floristry in Paris, Damien quickly drew attention from the city’s most highly esteemed floral designers. It wasn’t long before Damien found himself creating bespoke floral designs for a swathe of luxury brands such as Tiffany and Co, Cartier and Baccarat. In 2015, Damien’s adventurous spirit provoked him to move to Australia in pursuit of new adventures, which eventually drew him to Je Fleur.

Damien believes in the power of florals to connect. His innate ability to read clients allows him to create floral arrangements that capture the heart of a person. For Damien, each arrangement is an opportunity to tell a story and communicate a message—from expressions of gratitude, through to sorrow, excitement, love and everything in between.

With an unwavering respect for flowers at the heart of his approach, Damien maintains an ever-present child-like wonder for flowers. He looks forward to sharing the wonder with you and telling your story.